Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Word of the Day (1)

New word of the day:

Wiiarrange: the phenomenon of having to constantly rearrange your furniture in order to safely play Wii games... and then having to put things back in their original location so it looks normal.

- - - - - -

Weekend in Review:

Alexia had a Girl Scout Cookie Rally. Need Girl Scout Cookies? We'll gladly order some for you!
Mikayla went to her 4-H Cooking meeting.

Alexia had a basketball game at the YMCA & then went to a friends house.
Mikayla went to a different friends house.
We received a trace of snow.
Eric & Tanya played Wii Fit while the kids were gone. It was highly entertaining!
Eric published the 2nd edition of his book (find link on the sidebar). Want to order one of these? Let me know ASAP as I'll be placing and order for a few others to save on shipping costs. Yeah... they are pricey but that's out of my control for the time being. Kudos & thanks to those of you who bought the first edition - the 2nd edition contains the same pictures but with a couple minor proofreading & layout adjustments.
We met the Livers for dinner at our local Chinese restaurant.

Sunday School
Met the Livers to see the Paul Blart Mall Cop movie. 3.5 thumbs up out of 5 possible.
More Wii Fit.

That's about it.

On Monday the girls are trying out for the upcoming Missoula Childrens Theater presentation of Hansel & Gretel. Good luck to both of them!

Also, I'm rescheduling my Feb 7th outing to Feb 8th so I can help chaperone the Confirmation Class Ski Day outing at Mt. Baker on the 7th.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Trapped Inside & Climbing the Walls

Sunday afternoon we spent a memorable afternoon down in Alderwood.

Our excitement began with our arrival at the Alderwood Mall. As we entered the parking lot, a police vehicle suddenly appeared with flashing lights and its obnoxious horn. Swerving and dodging cars that guy was there and gone in a flash, leaving mayhem and confusion in his wake.

A short while later we passed that officer, now parked at an employee entrance to the mall, and found a nearby parking spot outside JC Pennys where we were to meet Tanya's parents.

Once we were inside the store, an announcement was made that the south parking garage is temporarily closed.

A short while later another announcement was made that we are currently locked-down inside the store for our own safety.

Rumors were started, rumors were spread, people were agitated because they couldn't leave. Subsequently we learned what a gun had been fired in the parking structure and the police, with help from the mall cops were investigating the situation.

But that's not the worst part. The real panic and pandemonium started when we learned that the store had only one pair of wide width shoes in stock.

Eventually we were released from JC Penny's to go in search of some suitable footwear at other retailers.

The kids, Steve and I headed to REI to let the kids show off their skills on the Rock Climbing wall.

Mikayla had a moment where she lost her balance and was dangling by four fingers! She managed to get back in control without assistance and made a fast ascent to the top where she enjoyed the view before rappelling back down.

Alexia made a strong first two steps before having second thoughts about whether this is a smart thing to be doing or not. Ultimately, she decided that she could handle the pressure and continued her delicate and steady ascent. By the time she reached the top, a crowd of on-lookers had gathered on both the first and second floor to watch her progress. Upon ringing the bell she was treated to a round of applause, but I don't think she even noticed.

Rock climbing was followed by more shoe shopping, some toy shopping, a relaxing dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and then we had to do the Walmart Tour on the way home because even though we were SURE happy... we still weren't SHOE happy.

The search for comfortable shoes continues...


Friday, January 9, 2009

Basketball at the Y

Thursday night was Alexia's first Basketball practice for this year at the local YMCA.

Tanya was out of town for a few days of Teacher Meetings, so it was important that I didn't forget this important activity.

Thanks, Lynn, for the reminder about it when I picked the kids up.

We scarfed down some pizza and were the first people to arrive at the Y. Alexia was excited as her friend is on the team so it was sure to be a blast.

Well... the 'blast' started off with Alexia getting wonked in the head by some other kids basketball.

Basketball Lesson #1: Don't hang out under the basket if you aren't paying attention.

After a few minutes of recuperation Alexia was ready to start practice and trotted off to the team meeting. Their team is the "Cougars".

They did a few drills and then started trying to shoot baskets. Here you can see Alexia showing off her shooting style, captured with a slow shutter speed from across the gymnasium:

Later, Alexia started training to become one of the Harlem Globetrotters:

I'm sure that Alexia will have fun playing basketball this year... especially since Elastic Girl is on her team:

Her first game is on Saturday, Jan 17th.

Just the right white.

We were blessed with a LITTLE snowfall on January 3, 2009... which is also the date of our third Christmas for 2008. This is a little closer to the 'white Christmas' that people in Washington like to see. I even undecorated the Christmas tree a couple days before and had it sitting outside... just waiting for the snow.

Thanks God, for delivering.

We were also blessed to have almost my entire family come up for the day, braving the threat of snow, to celebrate Christmas since our first attempt was cancelled on account of snow.

For those of you random web searchers who stumble across this here is the rundown of who is who: clockwise from lower left: Tanya, Grandpa Dave, Mikayla, Grandma Margie, Alexia, Steve, Rachel, Emily & Joey.

Grandpa Dave shared stories about me being caught playing on the roof of the house... when I was 5.

The stories quickly escalated to the story about when a stray-cat made its way into my duplex and turned itself into a Tasmanian devil... and it took three of us wrapped up in blankets (for use as body armour) to escort that thing right out the second story window.

After lunch we went back to the house for chit-chat, gift opening and of course, some grown-ups vs. kids Wii Sports.
Here you see Grandpa Dave vs. Mikayla in a Tennis match.

It's purely coincidence that it looks like Grandpa Dave is ready to clobber Mikayla with the remote.

I took the opportunity to show off my book... since it had arrived just the day before (finally). Everyone seemed impressed... except for the dog.

It was great to have all of you up for the holidays. Thanks for coming and hopefully we'll see more of you all this summer!


Friday, January 2, 2009

All is well that ends well.

Everyone finally made it back home from the unforgettable late-start to the late-finish Arizona Christmas vacation.

Tanya and the girls were able to enjoy a few days (and nights) of extra sunshine and lounging by the pool after I returned home.

Rumor has it there was quite the party going on for their New Years Eve. Alexia was asleep by midnight while Tanya and Mikayla rang in the new year by watching the Discovery Health channel.

Eric celebrated in his own fashion by watching the Space Needle fireworks (on TV) while archiving the family & hiking photos from 2008. Yep... quite the partying bachelor lifestyle I always dreamed about.

We were able to enjoy a nice dinner at Black Angus on the way home from the airport with Kari & her family. The kids had their own table and the grown-ups had their own table. We tried to make the kids wash dishes since they didn't bring any money... but that didn't work.

Now that everyone is back home, we've been 'undecorating' the Christmas decor, unpacking luggage, finding places for Christmas presents and the kids have been developing their Wii skills.

We have a number of BREAKING NEWS stories to share with you from today:
1) She's hip. She's cool. She's All That! Tanya is now on Facebook! Look her up... she loves friends!

2) Alexia finally lost her other front tooth.

Now the tooth fairy has to make a run to the cash machine.

3)My book finally arrived! The FedEx tracking indicates that it has been in Burlington since December 24th... and has been on the delivery truck three times. The Wednesday status states this: "Local Weather Delay. Delivery Attempted". It seems that "Darkness" qualifies as a weather delay at FedEx.
FWIW, I am really happy with how it turned out and (other than the slow delivery) highly recommend for any similar projects you may be considering.

Happy New Year to you, Constant Readers!