Thursday, April 23, 2009

How Much Fun?

It's possible that I didn't clearly portray how much fun Alexia had at 4-H.

It was about THIS much fun (see photo, duh)... times 10.

As a side note, this particular smile was an effort to get Tanya to notice that Alexia lost a tooth during school today. This was reportedly one of many tactics Alexia employed for an hour after school before she finally broke down and just told Tanya she lost her tooth at school.

Hopefully the Tooth Fairy has some cash laying around.


No wonder...

As I tucked Alexia into bed last night, after she spent 90 minutes practicing Dog Agility with the pup and her 4-H group she said:

"No wonder Mikayla likes 4-H so much. It's fun!"

Speaking of 4-H... this weekend is the Dog Caper that Mikayla has been waiting for. She'll spend the weekend with her 4H group (and Josie) down in Monroe for an entire weekend of dog-related activities.

For once, neither of us (T or E) will be chaperones so she'll be fending for herself.

She'll do just great and will certainly have some tails (ha ha) to tell when she gets home.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Families

Who said I don't like dogs?

Here is evidence that clearly proves otherwise. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?


** Depending on how far in the future people happen to read this, you may have to scroll down that page to find what I'm talking about. **

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where's the ark?

Images and a few entertaining videos of the newest family addition for your viewing pleasure.

These videos go in sequence and they each have their own merits, I just had to post all three. These are unedited and posted as filmed by Mikayla.

Our neighborhood association covenants forbid us from building any arks, if you were wondering. It doesn't mention anything about a zoo, though.


Palm Sunday Singing

For those of you who were unable to be here, Alexia sang with the Sunday School group at Palm Sunday last weekend. She did a great job, but I was only able to capture a short segment on video.

Nice job Alexia! Keep up the great work!

The Rolfs (and all nine pets) wish you a wonderful Easter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Animal Planet

You may have heard that we brought home a new puppy on Saturday.

You heard correctly.

There was a bit of chaos that day so I may not have all the facts straight just yet.

On Saturday the girls were supposed to fly to from Phoenix to SeaTac but their flight was over booked and they got bumped. After a lot of whooping, hollering and crying, Airline Officials decided it would be best to just get them out of Phoenix... as soon as possible. New flight plans sent them to San Francisco and then up to Portland... arriving at 9:30pm.

So, it became my duty to locate the designated breeder in some remote town in Oregon (Clatskanie), pick up the puppy on my way to the Portland Airport and then meet them at the airport in Portland for a leisurely drive home.

Fortunately, my end of the deal was uneventful. Found the breeder... picked up the dog... and made it to the airport with 45 minutes to spare.

The dog is some breed that I can't recall, but coincidentally, it rhymes with "Lottsa Poo". Also, the dog is being named after the cat: Catrina.

My suggestion to name the dog "Voila!" (complete with the exclamation mark) didn't win. Personally, Voila! is perfect because every time you turn around in this house... Voila! there is another animal.

Pics & video will follow in the next few days or so.