Thursday, June 23, 2011

Service Dog Now In Training!

Today was the first day of the kid's summer vacation.
The big event for the day was the drive to Everett where they picked up Ka'ala.
No, it's not a disease... it's the Service Dog that Mikayla is now responsible for training... for the next 10 months.
She's a Labradoodle... hypoallergenic / non-shedding.
Apparantly, she's also going to be 'big'.  Of course, next to the other pets we have, a box of Cheerios is considered big.  No one will give me an estimate on how big she's supposed to get.  That probably means somewhere between the size of a two-person cooler and a small pickup truck.

Stay tuned for more exciting summer adventures of the three girls and four dogs!

What am I doing this summer?  Well, that's still TBD but I'm praying that it does not involve building a taller fence.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Putting the Chap in Chaperone at the 4H K9 Campout today.