Friday, December 31, 2010

Wii New Years Eve Party

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Concert with JAMM

On the heels of Alexia's winter choir concert, Mikayla performed on Dec 16, 2010 with the Mount Baker Middle School choir group.

The show began the moment you walked in the door. Mikayla and her group were in the entryway singing Christmas carols to the arriving parents.

In case you were wondering, JAMM refers to Jessica, Alyssa, Mikayla and Mikaela, all of whom were standing near each other during the concert.

In the auditorium:


Wide Angle, for ambiance:

Another Zoom:

The Video:

Nice job, everyone!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Concert: Alexia

On December 15, 2010 we went to Alexia's school to watch her winter choir concert.

The entire concert group:

Alexia, wearing fleece gloves for one of the songs:

She requested that I not include this song in the video because she deemed it too embarrassing.

Alexia holding an artificial candle in one of the songs:

The video:

Stay tuned for the video and pics from Mikayla's Winter concert... coming soon!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mary Christmas from Alexia

As per an earlier post, this year Alexia was cast to be Mary in the annual Christmas show put on by the Sunday School kids at Salem Lutheran Church.

She did a great job reciting her lines... and here she is in action:

On Stage with Joseph:

Reciting her lines:

Pre-Show greetings with Nana and Poppy:

We are very proud of how she took the initiative to memorize all her lines and perform with such confidence. Nice job Alexia!


Later that evening we had fun playing Wii Bowling and the classic Board game of Life with Nana and Poppy.


In other news, we discovered that Alexia was not familiar with the term "bobtail". This vocabulary gap came to our attention while she recently sang "Jingle Bells" for us in the car.

Here is her slightly modified (and possibly an improved version, in my opinion):

Dashing through the snow
in a one horse open sleigh,
o'er the fields we go,
laughing all the way!

Bells on cocktails ring,
making spirits bright,
what fun it is to laugh and sing
a sleighing song tonight!

(You know the rest)

Of course we had a good laugh about it.

Finally, in case you were wondering "What is a bobtail?", well, you can read all about it right here.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cupcake Creativity

Mikayla, Jessica and Mikaela have recently taken an interest in decorating cupcakes.

With plenty of guidance from The Food Network, various YouTube videos, Betty Crocker and probably even the Pillsbury Dough Boy these three gals have whipped up some interesting results in our kitchen over the last two weeks.

Neither Chef Boyardee nor General Mills have been much help, but I bet the Cavity Creeps are dying to get in on the action**.

Here is a brief sample of what they've shared with their families and even their classmates so far:

The Chow Mein Cupcake:

The M&M Ladybug Cupcake:

The Chicken Pot Pie Cupcake:

The Alien Cupcake (before the addition of antennae):

Little Yellow Ducks:


They are dealing with a lot of different ingredients and learning all about what works and what doesn't. Practice makes perfect and it seems like they have plans to get a lot of practice in the weeks to come.

In the event you would like to put in an order for your own custom cupcakes for an upcoming party or event I'm sure this trio of girls would love to discuss how they can help you out.


** Yes, Dental appointments are already scheduled.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making Alien Cupcakes

Aliens, ducks, chow mien, caramel apple pie and flowers seem to be the kids cupcake theme favorites.

Unfortunately we haven't been allowed to sample very many of them because the artistic chef in the family is reluctant to let go of her creations.

More pics coming soon...


Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Leaning Tower of Pisa Christmas tree.

Despite our best efforts, we couldn't get this thing to stand upright. Holiday Cheer was tough to find, but we eventually had the thing decorated and stabilized.

Luckily, Poppy showed up a week later and had the thing standing vertical within 30 seconds. I kid you not... it was a Christmas Miracle!


Note to self: If anyone can't seem to locate their "Pony Pal" books from the garage, don't forget to look under the tree skirt.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Woolley Parade and tree lighting

The girls participated in the Sedro Woolley Christmas parade along with their 4H dog club while T and I watched from the sidelines.

Following the parade we met up with some friends for a nice dinner in Mount Vernon.