Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Dog On The Block

Last month we made a family trek down to Portland and brought home a new puppy.  He has been named "Charlie".
He is a Golden Doodle.
Here he is:
I thought it was a litle early to give hime a snobbish title like "Golden"... that's something he'd have to earn, in my opinion. However, the girls insist that isn't an adjective... it's the actual breed. Whatever. I no longer really give a shih tzu.

What concerns me more is that this dog is bigger than our other dogs; and he's only 3 months old. Much like cats are different from dogs, big dogs are different from little dogs. This is a whole new dog world.

On the plus side, Mikayla is doing a great job in training the new dog and he's already learning the basic commands and is generally well behaved (provided you keep an eye on him).

Current Dog Count: We are down to only 4 canines.

The service dog had been promoted to the prison training program (omg, what does that say about living here?) but then didn't feel comfortable with the environment (go figure) so she's back in the T_AM Rolfs training program.

Someone promised me that another family was adopting her 'any day now' for the next phase of training but talk of that has quieted and it seems no one wants to fill me in on the backup plan.

Hopefully we'll soon be down to only 3 dogs; although it will take a lot longer before people stop refering to us as 'the family with all those dogs'.

We hope you are excited for summer to arrive soon... we all are!

~E of TEAM Rolfs