Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lex + I

Alexia and I had a great impromptu day of togetherness today.

The day started out with her needing a buddy to help her walk the neighbor's two dogs. Her usual friends weren't available, but Dad was. So, off we went to spend some time at the duck pond with Rufus and Zack.

Once they were worn out and back home, Lex helped me to dis-assemble the playset in the back yard. At one point she saved the day when the ladder and monkey bars wouldn't separate from each other due to a problematic bolt... I needed one more set of hands to help get them apart before they toppled over on top of me.  Lex scrambled up to quickly solve the problem.

We finished the day with a hiking trip to Artist Point.

We even brought along her dog Katrina.

While we expected to have snow up there, we didn't really expect THAT much snow. In fact, even the bathroom was still completely buried!


The trails are still 98% buried and the combination of steep slopes + tennis shoes + dog meant that neither of our intended destinations were within our risk level.

Instead, we just scouted around the safe areas, tested out some hiking poles, micro-spikes, cameras and a classic 'cardboard wrapped in plastic' sled... generally having a great time exploring the environment and relaxing.

Burgers and Ice Cream on the way home of course.

Thanks Lex... we'll climb Table Mountain soon I'm sure!

Now, some photos and a lengthy video that ends with some sledding video footage.


Hiking and impromptu sledding at Artist Point 07-13-13 from Eric Rolfs on Vimeo.