Sunday, March 16, 2014

PacWest 2014

Here is my video from the PacWest 2014 Cheeleading Competition that we attended in Portland a couple weeks ago. The Northwest SilerStars won first place in their division with fantastic performances on both days.

My apologies for the shaky video, but at least it's not all washed out like the previous recordings.

Also, the video plays really slowly on my phone... it's will probably be a lot better to watch it via a PC or tablet.

PacWest 2014 - Portland Level 4 from Eric Rolfs on Vimeo.

Mikayla is in physical therapy now and we hope she's back to full participation by the time they perform in Orlando.

In other news, Alexia is now on the Mount Baker Gymnastics team and we can't wait to see her perform with her new teammates in the near future! I have a few phone photos from one of their recent practices but she hasn't given me the green light to share any of those images just yet.

 ALSO... Alexia won a Merit Award for her recent 4H Demonstration!