Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Survey Says...

'Normal' isn't easy to define and apparently, not everyone agrees with MY definition of 'Normal'.  Especially my wife.
Last weekend Tanya initiated an informal poll to try and determine what is 'Normal'.

As it turns out, most people believe that their own definition of 'Normal' is 'the norm' when in actuality, that may not be as true as each of us believes it is.

Try this little True/False quiz to see if you know what is Normal and what is Not Normal:

  1. T or F:  It is normal to have four dogs, a hamster, a fish, a frog and a snail.
  2. T or F:  It is normal to yell "JARVIS JEEP" when you hear a car horn go beep-beep.
  3. T or F:  It is customary to take at least one "pee break" if driving to any destination further away than 30 miles.
  4. T or F:  People between the ages of 0 and 15 can continue to use the same plastic 'kid plates & cups' that they used at age five.
  5. T or F:  It is normal to have 35 pairs of shoes.  For winter.  And 35 (or more) pairs of different shoes for summer.
Feel free to submit your answers via 'comments' at the bottom of this post.

Some of you may have received a phone call on Saturday morning with a seemingly random survey question:  How many pairs of shoes do YOU have?

 Thank you all for your responses to that phone survey.  Your answers were very useful (to me). 

Don't be surprised if more than a few of you end up with gift certificates for shoe stores when Christmas rolls around.