Saturday, February 21, 2009


E: "Wipeout!"
A: "That was fun!"
E: "Nice job, Lex!"

Spring Skiing in February

Assuring my doctor that I would stick to the rope-tow and beginner slopes for the day, Alexia and I skipped out on work and school to enjoy a spectacular day at the Mt. Baker Ski area.

Alexia took a few minor tumbles but quickly caught on to the pizza-wedge position and can now make reliable turns. Unfortunately, her fear got the better of her on the chair lift slopes so a lot of the descent was hand-in-hand... and then back to the rope tow where she dominated the slopes.

There is a short video also, but it's not quite ready to upload yet. I'll post it later tonight or sometime soon.

Views of Mt. Shuksan abounded all day long.

We arrived home just in time to pick up Tanya and Mikayla to rush off to the Friday night Cooking 4-H meeting where the kids made fruit Kabobs, Rice Krispie treats, a Fruit Pina-Colada dip and fruit smoothies. YUM!!

I'm catching up on blog stuff, so you may have missed the last post: Two Bits

Two Bits

Tanya has been hinting that the girls both need a haircut... so, on a whim, one afternoon we stopped by the local Supercuts and took our chance.

Things went well... and I think the girls enjoyed the change of pace from their same-old scenario.

Mikayla: During & After

Alexia: During and 'almost' after

That little wiggle worm wouldn't let me get a timely 'after' shot that was in focus.

The risk you run at Supercuts is that 1) they don't take reservations -- it's first come first cut situation and 2) since you can't make reservations you never know who is going to cut your hair.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Haunted Valentine's Day!

First of all, Happy Birthday to Rachel! She told me she was busy today because they had scheduled some cabinet demo people to come for the day. I tried to open up her schedule by explaining to her how simple it is to open and close cabinets. In my opinion it's a "little much" to make some expert come over to show her. Steve hasn't figured it out either? Oh, Lord, please help them.

She clarified that the people coming over were for cabinet "demolition"... not "demonstration". I felt a little better about her sanity after that. A little. Anyway, happy birthday to you.

The girls both had friends over to spend the night last night while Tanya was scrap booking. On their own they decided to create their own self-designed haunted house in their individual rooms. Once created they would tour the other kids through their own haunted house. They had a great marketing campaign set up throughout the upstairs:

It's great when the kids get creative on their own, but probably it's best that you not know what they were doing in there, although I just can't help mentioning that it involved spray bottles and dog leashes. There was plenty of screaming and laughing... without any crying or complaining.

This afternoon our family will be heading down to Chuck E. Cheese's (or Chunky Cheese's as my dad likes to call it) for Gavin's birthday party.

Here is Alexia modeling her Valentine's Day outfit:

Here is Mikayla, caught the moment after swallowing some gross sour-patch-kids candy spray:

I (Eric) had a stress test on Friday and while the results aren't available yet, the Doc told me I should be exercising more. Now if I can only get him to write that down and specify 'frequent hiking' then I'd be a happy camper. Part 2 of my test is on Monday.

The girls have been coloring pictures for the last few days with the expectation of holding a coloring contest. Judging is supposed to be later tonight. Maybe the results will be posted in the next day or two. Stay tuned...


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Friday night the girls went to the 'open gym' at the local Gymnastics place. They both had a blast... but Mikayla injured her heel and is now sporting crutches for a week or so until the pain goes away.

Her X-rays on Saturday showed that it wasn't broken but due to the proximity to her 'growth plate' she should keep her weight off of it for a while. She's hobbling along just fine and everyone is glad I didn't make her go on the planned ski trip on Saturday.

We learned that kid-sized crutches are impossible to find on a Saturday afternoon in Skagit County. Lucky for us we had Poppy around who figured out a solution using a hacksaw.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Catching Up

You would think that after our hectic holiday season that things would slow down for a bit. Well, not in our family. It's been go-go-go and stress-stress-stress for way too long.

Some people thrive on that. I don't think I'm one of them.

Here is a quick catch up for those of you who aren't on Tanya's Daily Calling List:

> The girls school hosted the Missoula Children's Theater group the other week. Both girls were able to participate in this years play: Hansel & Gretel. Alexia was a Wallybird while Mikayla volunteered for the Assistant Producer role.

Alexia was overheard asking "Why would you want to be the Assistant Producer? You don't even get to be on stage!"

> Alexia continues to play basketball (games every Saturday... c'mon up!). She also seems to be coming down with a cold so wish her well.

> The girls have been begging to go to the library for a few days but we just couldn't fit it into our hectic schedules. Finally we found a 30 minute period to rush down to the library to pick up a few books before Basketball practice.
Anyone wanting a book about dogs or tigers is going to be out of luck for a while. The two girls checked out 30 books... in 30 minutes. Surely a record of some kind.
Here are a few of them:

> Speaking of books, I would like to say a sincere THANKS! to those of you who ordered one of my books. I'm glad that people other than myself find it unique enough to own one. For those of you who haven't bought one yet (or didn't even know that there is a book), here are a couple photos of it:

The link on this page should take you to the 2nd edition. The 2nd is the same as the 1st with only a couple of proofreading fixes and photo placement changes (same photos, different layout).

> Eric & Tanya have both been busy at work. Lots going on for us both but we're trying to cherish the times we have.

> Mikayla will be showing off her spelling skills on Monday (2/9/09) when she participates in the Little Mountain Spelling Bee.

Our apologies for the slacking off in Blog postings. Hopefully we'll have more exciting news to share soon.