Thursday, October 8, 2009

7th Grade: Then and Now

So, it seems that 7th Grade in 2009 is a little different than it was back in the olden days (like, 1982).

Then: Lockers!
Now: Monsterous Backpacks

Then:  Textbooks for every class... and you can put them in your locker!
Now:  3 inch binders for 4 inches of papers and maybe a workbook, if you're lucky.

Then: Computer Lab full of brand new Commodore 64's!
Now: What's a Commodore 64? Technology Lab and every kid carries at least two electronic devices which each hold more information than 100 Commodore 64's.

Now: MySpace
Then: Uh... my locker?

Then: Parachute pants and those 'cool' jackets with the funny flaps on the shoulders. And jeans. Unbelievably, your underwear stayed INSIDE your pants.
Now: Aeropostale anything (or everything) (also, you can't pronounce it properly, no matter how hard you might try).

Then: ET, Tootsie and Rocky III, Star Trek II (The Wrath of Kahn)... for $2,50.
Now: Hannah Montana (the Movie), New Moon, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Up. Also, surprisingly, Land of the Lost, Star Trek, Fame, another Terminator sequel and Transformers. Cost $9.50. At least.

Then: Dukes of Hazzard
Now: iCarly

Then: **insert picture of me looking like a dufus here, when I find it**
Now: Mikayla (when she's not running a 102 degree fever):

Those are a few of the compare/contrast items that came to mind.

I'm not sure what is being taught in health class these days, but I'm pretty sure it's similar to what I went through.  The usual don't smoke, don't do drugs, take a shower, wear deodorant, yadda yadda yadda.  Seems like that is all pretty much common knowledge to kids these days (it's just that a lot of them don't listen).

It could be that the curriculum needs some new material.
Something fresh.
Something exciting.
After spending this afternoon in the doctor's office, I think I have just the thing.

It turns out there IS a wrong way to cut your toenails.  Whoops.

Why don't nail clippers contain warning labels... or at least instructions (in 15 languages)?
Might I suggest something like:
"Do not use near fingers or toes",
"Do not play on or around"
"Not for children under 40"
"Do not use under the influence of alcohol or while operating heavy machinery"
"Use only in a well ventilated area"

Where's my Vicodin?


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