Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice Sledding 12-21-2013

Mikayla requested that we go sledding at Mount Baker over Christmas Vacation so with a flurry of fresh snow we opted to head up to Heather Meadows near the Mount Baker Ski area to be Powder Pigs for a day

Alexia opted out of sledding in favor of spending some time at Lang's Horse and Pony Farm with Josie.

On the way to Mt. Baker we stopped in Sedro-Woolley to pick up M's friend Allie

I wore snowshoes and the girls followed behind me with sleds in tow.

We made it all of a quarter mile from the parking lot when they were already tired of post-holing.

Lucky for us we happened to find a fresh steep slope just perfect for the occasion. I did my best to tromp down a trench for them to ascend the hill but they were on their own in creating a sledding route. All that fresh powder (and a lack of wax on the sleds) made for a bit of stop-and-go attempts, but it was clear they were having a fun time anyway. A few photos and a few videos were taken.

Sledding at Heather Meadows on Winter Solstice from Eric Rolfs on Vimeo.

While sledding was a lot of fun, I suspect that the lunch break may leave a longer lasting impression on them.

This was the first time the two had Robber Jays join them for lunch. Here is a short video and a couple of screen shots for you:


Robber Jays At Lunch from Eric Rolfs on Vimeo.

We lasted all of three hours before calling it quits with completely diluted gloves and boots.

Welcome to winter!

How many days until summer?


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